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The TimeLoopTheory is being discussed on several other Lost Message Boards. For your amusement, you can click through the links to see how people have dismissed the theory in the past. Then they misteriously disappear or go into defense-mode as they realize that seaons 3-5 have continually backed up the theory. If you’re a member of any of these forums, please feel free to add to the discussions as many of the super-avid fans of Lost simply don’t like the fact that the TimeLoopTheory has become so popular.

This is my personal favorite. Over the past year, quite a few haters have spawned in this thread, all stating that the theory “doesn’t have enough evidence or support.” They also like to claim that the theory “changes over time” and seem to ignore the fact that the fundaments of the theory have been intact ever since season 2.
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This my first attempt to post my theory to a forum, back in season 3. I’ve noticed that the guys on this forum are quite friendly and engage in very critical and useful conversaion, unlike half the folks over at Lostpedia.
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This is where I post on the use of the Sonar Fence. It’s interesting because I learned that it’s difficult to break apart the theory and post it on message boards, simply becuase there’s too much side-explanation required to make for a useful conversation.
Sonar Fence

This thread used to receive a lot of traffic, but the ABC message boards are very hectic, and threads get dropped quickly.
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This is my first attempt to produce a written theory – as opposed to the graphical timelines. It’s undergone a lot of maintenance since its creation, but as you can see from the post, the core theory hasn’t changed much at all.
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