A time loop suggests that time is not linear, but rather cyclical. Time loops are created when a sequence of events repeats itself endlessly. A time loop may occur in popular culture when a character relives the same day repeatedly, experiencing the same events and interacting with others each time. Characters may feel as if they have experienced something before when experiencing something for the first time in a loop.

As a result of the concept of a time loop, numerous interesting questions arise about free will, time, and our actions. These philosophical and ethical questions are explored in many works of fiction, including movies, TV shows, and books.

LOST: The End is here

May 21, 2022 by Jason Hunter

The era of LOST is finally coming to an end! TimeLoopTheory.com will be left intact for years to come, so please head over to the message board to discuss future TV shows and anything else related to LOST. These past 6 years have been a great ride, and while this particular theory never turned out to be “the answer,” it’s still fun to imagine all of the different ways that the show could’ve played out. I’ll truly miss all these fun years of theorizing, but hopefully JJ Abrams will give us something new in the years to come. Finally, thanks to all of the loyal fans (and haters) that this theory has brought out in the past few years. Regardless of how LOST ends (which is sure to bring about much disappointment), nothing will ever match the collective fun we’ve had through the years, discussing the show! Once again, thanks for everyone’s support!

time loop theory timeline

LOST has presented us with various themes of fate vs. destiny; however, by the end of the series, we will all be back at the same universal question: Are we completely controlled by fate, or do we have the ability to change what’s already happened in the future?

The LOST series revolves around the use of a quasi-conventional time machine. All of the “mysteries” that the show presents can be explained through an understanding of how this time machine is used. While many think that a time machine is a “cheap” answer to the show, I can assure you that once LOST makes the “big reveal,” there will be much to think about and reflect upon. I’d like the reader to note that this is an extensive theory that “stretches” many events to the point that the entire theory may not seem believable.

The purpose of the theory is to take a concept of time travel and apply it to all elements of the show – in an attempt to answer almost every question that is presented by LOST. Will all the answers make complete sense? No. Is there any theory out there that is proven to be 100% true? No. With that said, it should also be noted that most of this theory is complete conjecture and I make no claim that this theory is the definitive “answer” to the show it should be read for entertainment purposes only.

In this theory, I will walk you through the linear progression of events in LOST; however, this progression is very different than the ordering of the episodes of LOST – so I will simply provide estimated timestamps for each event. This is a very long theory, and may be confusing to readers who are not well-versed in the world of LOST. Make sure you have time to at least read through the “timeline” section of this theory that is where I lay out all of the events of the show. Thanks, and enjoy reading the theory!

Promote the Theory

Jan 22, 2022 by Jason Hunter

For anyone who enjoys the theory, please feel to check the timeline on all of your local message boards and discussion forums! Also, don’t forget to join the facebook group if you haven’t already. And finally, thanks for your continued support in the theory!

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